How Social Media Can Affect Your Case

Facebook, Twitter & the Internet in Divorce Cases

In today’s article we are going to look at how Social Media Social media has become a mainstay in the lives of many in the United States. It seems nearly second-nature to post thoughts and feelings on Facebook, Twitter, My Space, personal blogs and other online outlets. These messages and postings can come back to haunt you if you are going through a bitter divorce.

Messages can be posted online instantly. Once published, they are out there forever. This causes significant problems for people, because it is so easy to post online that people tend to lose their ability to filter themselves. This leads to emotional postings, including some that threaten violence against a spouse or child.

How Can Social Media Affect Your Case?

Messages from Facebook, Twitter and similar outlets can be used as evidence in civil and criminal litigation as well.  For example, if you write about how much you party, post pictures of being intoxicated and you are charged with DUI, imagine how these posts and photos will look in the eyes of a jury.  Think about it.  Think about the type of case you have and how what you are posting can hurt you.  Less is more.

Your Facebook Account is Not Your Friend During a Divorce

Social media cites like Facebook, Twitter and My Space are great places to share news with your friends efficiently; like my spouse just filed for divorce, along with an unflattering picture of your spouse and examples of his/her bad behavior. As the divorce progresses, you might be tempted to keep your friends updated on your conflict. This often entails taking shots at your spouse. As you get ready to move on, you want to share that you are starting to date, with information about some prospects.People unwittingly share very private information about themselves on Facebook or other social media cites without realizing that during a divorce they may be undermining their cases. It is relatively easy for your spouse to get copies of this information and keep track of you. In a recent survey of top divorce lawyers, Facebook was identified as the best source of bad behavior that can be used in court against you.If you have a Facebook, Twitter or My Space account, be careful what you post. You might want to take a sabbatical for a time, while you figure out the direction your life will be taking.Ask your friends to be careful in sharing information about you. For example, you might go to a bar with your friends. Someone takes a picture of you looking drunk, hanging onto a member of the opposite gender and posts it on their website. Your friend’s Facebook account is available to your spouse and the picture will be used as an exhibit in your custody battle. The same thing goes for You Tube.  With smart phones being such a common commodity, video upload is effortless.  The next thing you know your one night debut out on the town is now available for all the world to see with just a few clicks.If you have a new significant other, ask him or her to keep the details of your relationship private. Nothing can drive up your lawyer fees faster than having a jealous spouse. Remember this is a very emotional time. Many clients think they are safe to date because their spouse is dating. During divorce, many people forget the adage, “what good for the goose is good for the gander.” Yes, your husband may have ended the marriage by having a mistress, but he will be enraged if you start dating. It is not fair and frequently does not make sense. Just know that you will pay more in attorney fees if your dating becomes known to him. Therefore, be discrete.At this time when you are trying to figure out a new life for yourself and your family, do not make it a media event. Talk with a few close, trusted friends or relatives. Follow the advice of the professionals in your life; your therapist and lawyer. Keep your life off the web.
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