Nursing Home Injury and Neglect – Attorney / Lawyer Charleston, SC

Too often in this society, our elderly are subject to abusive medical and health care treatment. At times, our elderly are unable to care for themselves and are unable to stand up and oppose bad medical treatment that results in injury. At DeLuca and Maucher, we can help by representing families and injured persons who are mistreated at nursing homes, convalescent centers, during home health care treatments, at hospitals, etc. We care about our parents and we can help to ensure that those in the medical profession care about your parents and your elderly family members.

We at DeLuca and Maucher have great experience in bringing cases against nursing homes, and other health care providers, and we are ready to meet with you to discuss many of the issues which happen on a daily basis at some of these health care facilities including bedsores, ulcers, untreated infections, dehydration, mal-nutrition, and medication errors. Call us at DeLuca and Maucher, we can help. (843)572-1711

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